Our vision
We are here to help you
We are excited to help you developing your business. Our work is based on:
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Quality
  • Punctuality
  • Service

Our values

We inspire you
Through cooperation with our customers we will contribute to developing solutions that add value to our customers' business. By constantly updating ourselves regarding laws and regulations, combined with experience from various industries, we will be able to help our clients with consulting and various kinds of analysis.
Keeping promises
There are many deadlines that have to be kept, both in terms public requirements and in terms of decision processes. We always aim to deliver on time, you can depend on Nordic Accountings commitment to deliver on time.
Making it easy
Being a client of Nordic Accounting should always be easy; our dedicated team is here to help you.
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Nordic Accounting AS

Address: C.J. Hambros plass 2C, 0164 OSLO

Phone: 46 17 19 00

E-mail: post@nordic-accounting.no

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